“Backed by seasoned veterans, including guitarists Dan Baird, Carly Jamison got herself a vintage sound that never grows old. Hats off to producer Tres Sasser who got the sound right.” - Here Comes The Flood

“Carly Jamison is a New York City-based singer and songwriter with a DIY work ethic, a rock and roll heart and a voice that’s unlike any other female singer on the scene these days.” - Michael Verity

“Carly draws on a wide range of influences whilst staying firmly within the American Rock cannon. There’s Alt Country, Southern Rock and good old fashioned Rock all given an energetic workout.” - The Spill

“Carly Jamison is tough and fearless and funny as hell sometimes too. What a breath of fresh air – in a world of wussy waifs and wannabe Jersey Shore skanks, she’s a rare individual voice making smart, accessible, kick-ass Americana-flavored rock.” - Lucid Culture

“Carly Jamison combines elements of country, blues, as well as rock into one style that seems to complement Jamison’s writing style. Taking these styles to create the music also gives Jamison’s songs a little variety in the way they feel and the way they sound.” - The Rock And Roll Report

“Good solid stuff that packs a powerful punch.” - BabySue

“Reminds you of the English pub rock of the mid seventies, when a combination of rock, roots, blues and country made history.” - Bealestreet.be

“Carly Jamison will be able to show you the right path to follow, that of real Rock ‘n Roll.” - RootsHighway.it

“We have been waiting for this new record for years, without being aware of it.” - AltCountry.nl